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Rearsby in flood


Rearsby is used to floods! Hardly a year goes by without the brook in the centre of the village bursting its banks. The flood shown here, on 26 January 2002, was quite short-lived but for a few hours Brookside and Mill Road were impassable. Many thanks to Nigel Sperry for sending us this photo looking towards the farm and seven-arch bridge:


The storms and heavy rain of 5th and 6th November 2000 were much more dramatic and affected parts of the country for many days, even weeks. Many large rivers burst their banks, making major roads and railways impassable. In this part of the world, all the Wreake Valley villages were badly affected, as were nearby towns of Melton Mowbray and Loughborough. When the flooding was at its worst, Loughborough, sandwiched between the Rivers Soar and Trent, was almost totally cut off by road and rail!
Rearsby's brook rose quickly overnight on the 5th and on the following morning we awoke to the scenes below. Fortunately, the water level dropped quite quickly during the afternoon and most of the houses vulnerable to flooding escaped without too much damage. It was an anxious time for the inhabitants of those houses, who could only watch helplessly as the water lapped all around them.

The ford is completely submerged

Brookside became the brook ( right),
as did a good stretech of Mill Road

Thanks to Liz Cave for supplying the photos
left and below

The view from the seven arch bridge
The post lady, carrying on with her
deliveries as if it was just another day!

This house on Brookside was the worst affected by flooding

Thanks to Liz Cave for supplying this photo

Water found its way into one of the houses to the left in this picture. Luckily, the Fire & Rescue Service was soon on hand to pump it out and avoid too much damage

Thanks to Mike Berman for
supplying this photo
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