Rearsby Bypass Campaign

Picture Gallery
Photography: John Lambert & Mike Berman

Press spokesman Terry Ainge
keeps watch over some young
protesters while discussing
the campaign with a
local police officer.
With them is Rearsby Parish
Councillor George Friendship

The grim reaper joins the protests
to remind us of the recent deaths
on this section of the A607

Kiera and Emily get ready for
the second of the May protests
(bringing the traffic to a
standstill on the main road)

This road ain't big enough
for both of us ..
Two trucks have trouble passing
each other at the Brook Street corner
One of them has to stop!
Check out the width of the pavement

There's no shortage of
support for the campaign
among villagers of all ages

MP Stephen Dorrell, left, receives the
bypass petition from Bypass Action
Committee Chairman Brian Frodsham
at the Village Hall on 14 September

The anti-quarry protest on
13 October brought traffic
on the A607 to a standstill
for the second time this year
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