Committee to remain vigilant

If you thought the Bypass Action Committee would be disbanding now that the funding for the bypass has been approved, think again! There is still work to be done, as Rearsby residents will have recently found out from the latest leaflet drop. For those of you who live further afield, here is a summary of what the leaflet said:

The Bypass Action Committee will remain vigilant and press Leicestershire County Council (LCC) to proceed as quickly as possible with the construction work.

Once other issue is of paramount importance. LCC are currencly considering the Lafarge Redland planning application for sand and gravel extraction at Brooksby. This application has now been modified to include a readymix concrete plant. Our position on this is that there should be no quarry until the bypass is built.

The reason for this stance is that the bypass may not arrive for two to three yeaers, yet a quarry could be up and running in weeks. We are not prepared to have an extra hundred or so heavily laden trucks careering through the village every day in the years it takes to get the bypass built.

Be assured we will oppose a quarry by the back door until our bypass is built.

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