Rearsby Art Club
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How we began
The Rearsby Art Club was formed at the beginning of 2000 when a few art enthusiasts decided to meet regularly to paint and draw together. Before long, and to encourage as many people as possible to come along, membership of the club was extended to include anyone interested in crafts as well as painting and drawing.

The club has grown quite a bit since its first meeting, but is always looking for more members, whatever their level of ability.

Our aim
The club aims to offer anyone with an interest in visual arts and crafts an opportunity to learn new skills as well as to share the skills and experience they have with each other. For the time being at least, there is no agenda, with everyone free to do their own thing. The atmosphere is very informal. What individuals get out of the club is very much up to them. Although there's no tutor, there's plenty of encouragement and support. From time to time we run one-off workshops which are open to non-members (see Art Club News at the end of this page for the latest information).

What we do


Although water colour is the most popular medium among members, there is also an interest in acrylics, oils and pastels and the subject matter varies considerably.

Two examples of members' work are shown on the right. The first is by Steve Meade and is a water colour of the village church. Steve has painted many pictures around the village (including the one you saw on the first page of the Rearsby website) and takes commissions for his work. If you would like to commission a painting by Steve, please email us by clicking the 'Contact us' button in the right-hand column and we will pass the message on to him.

The second picture is a mixed media painting by Louise Lambert.

The club has a thriving craft section, with decoupage being the most popular pursuit at the moment. The third picture shows a piece of decoupage in the making.

We are always on the look out for opportunities to show and sell our work and have an annual show in the village hall at the beginning of October.

When and where we meet
The art club meets every Wednesday from 7.30-9.30pm in Rearsby Village Hall. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to pop in and see what goes on at any time during a meeting. Alternatively call Steve Meade (424696) or Louise Lambert (424254) to find out more.



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